Rebecca Gooding
Fifth Grade Math Instructor
Eagle Glen Intermediate School

This website is comprised ofmathcastsof our daily math lessons. The resources that we will be using are the Pearson Envision Math text and Pearson supplementalresources.

Students, please remember to label your Flip Journal entries and pause the video to take notes. Check off the learning goals in your journals as you master them. All practice problems should be worked out in your journal, along with any strategy symbols that we are using. At the end of each lesson, write down any questions that you still have about the lesson. We will be answering these questions in class the following day. I challenge you to do the"Challenge Yourself" section in each lesson! Remember…our goal is to LEARN, not just to complete the assigned homework! This year you have the opportunity to learn more than ever before, whether it is catching up on learning that you missed, or pushing yourself to learn BEYOND the required Learning Targets! And YES! If you catch me making any MATH mistakes on this video, I will do a push-up in class for each mistake that you document in your Flip Journal! We'll get Miss Ott and Mrs. Tedder to do them, too! We are going to have really big muscles in our arms after this year!

Mrs. Gooding